Thank you for considering a reservation at 19 Studio. Please read the following notes before making a reservation.

About Payment

Payment methods are cash, credit card, e-money, and QR payment. The following credit card, e-money and QR payment services are available.

About Reservation Time

・Please arrive 0-5 minutes before your scheduled time.
・Please note that we may not be able to take pictures if you exceed 15 minutes from your scheduled time.
・If you will be late for your appointment, please contact us in advance by LINE / email.

MAIL:[email protected]

Cancellation Policy

Cancel or change the time of your reservation.

Please make sure to cancel or change your reservation by the reserved time.
You can cancel or change your reservation by clicking the link in your reservation confirmation email or by LINE / email.

LINE : CDvRxvx
Email: [email protected]

Cancellation without notice

If you do not show up within 15 minutes of your reserved time, we will treat your cancellation as an unapproved cancellation. In case of no-show, a cancellation fee of ¥3,000 will be charged. Your attorney will bill you at a later date.

Note that if you miss your appointment time, no cancellation fee will be charged as long as you reschedule within 24 hours. (The rebooking date must be within 14 days of the original reservation date.)