【Job Hunting Hair】What hairstyle do you recommend for job hunting photo IDs? Long hair

For all you job hunters with long hair longer than your collarbone.

What kind of hairstyle are you planning to use for your job search? I don't want to cut my hair just for job hunting because I've grown it long enough! We'd like to introduce a style that we recommend for those who have grown their hair long and don't want to cut it just for the sake of job hunting.

The photo should look as close as possible to the one used for the interview.

The interviewer has seen the certified photo on the entry sheet before attending the interview. It is not good from the viewpoint of identification if the appearance of the job applicant in the hall differs too much from that in the photo.

Therefore, it is a good idea to decide on your hair style for the interview at the time of taking your certificate photo. If you are planning to cut your hair short before the interview, you may want to take a certificate photo after cutting your hair.

A clean haircut is recommended for job hunting

The most important point to keep in mind when job hunting hair is cleanness.
To achieve this, the face should first be clean.

If the hair around the face, which is called tentacles, is not exposed and the bangs are parted or swept so that the forehead can be seen at least a little, the hair style will be acceptable in any industry.

For long hair, a downstyle without a hair tie is not recommended. With a downstyle, hair inevitably falls forward when bowing and tends to look sloppy.

I recommend tying your hair around your face in a single knot or half-up. Be careful with long hair, as it is easy to see the messy ends.

In the case of a half updo, it looks cleaner if the hair is left hanging down the back for a photo shoot.

A chignon that aims for a good impression and does not fall down easily.

A chignon is a bun hairstyle.

This hairstyle is familiar to students who are interested in the aviation, bridal, and hotel industries, but it is also a great style for those who are interested in other industries.

Because the chignon is a clean haircut that does not fall out when bowing and does not fall out over time.

And it is especially perfect for those with long hair, as it requires a certain length of hair to create this hairstyle! That is to say.

When making a chignon, as with a single knot or half-up, pay attention to the height. A height about the ear is recommended.

If you want a beautiful finish or if you have a lot of hair that is difficult to manage, you can use a net. Avoid nets with chouches or ribbons, which can be used in any industry.

In this issue, we have recommended hairstyles for long hair.

Growing out your hair takes time. Let's go about your job search in your own way with a hairstyle that makes the most of the hair you have grown out.

At 19 Studio, our staff will check your hair style during the photo shoot for any irregularities that you may not be able to notice on your own. Professional retouching is also available to correct any areas of concern.

We will help you convey your best qualities with a certificate photo that is unique to you!