【Job Hunting Hair】What hairstyle do you recommend for job hunting photo IDs? Medium Length

Medium hair from the shoulders to the collarbone is a popular hairstyle.

Many job hunters cut their hair to medium length because it is easy to arrange in everyday fashion.

In this article, we will introduce some of the styles we recommend for medium-haired people taking job-hunting photos.

Interview-oriented hairstyles are recommended.

In the job search process, a ID photo is one of the means of identification. For this reason, it is recommended that there be no significant difference between the photo and the actual impression. It is a good idea to decide on the hairstyle for the photo shoot with the interview in mind.

First, the interviewer is most concerned about cleanliness.

keep hair out of your face when you bow and ears so that your expression is clear. It is also a good idea to show your ears so that your expression can be seen clearly.

It is also important to prepare calmly the morning of the interview.

I have heard stories of people who had a beautiful haircut when they had their photo taken, but when they tried to do it themselves, it didn't work out and they got impatient and hurriedly changed their hair to a different style.

If you keep your hair style easy to set by yourself from the photo shoot stage, you can be assured that it will be the same on the day of the interview.

Half-up or single knot is the standard style for job hunting.

Now, let us introduce you to some specific haircut recommendations.

First up is the single knot.
Because the entire hair is tied up in this style, it looks clean and expressive.
I recommend tying it at about ear level. It gives a more relaxed, working person look than tying it high, and a more neat look than tying it low.

Use a comb to help keep hair in place and neatly organized. Make sure the hair at the nape of the neck is not missed. This is an area that is difficult to see by yourself, so pay special attention to it.

Next is the half up.

It is recommended for those who feel that a single knot is too tight.

For medium hair, pay attention to the ends of the hair when it is down. If the ends are too springy, it will look disheveled. It is a good idea to run a straightening iron through it or blow-dry it and apply styling products to keep it cohesive.

It is safe to pin the hair around the face to prevent it from falling out as well.

Even when shooting downstyle.

Some people shoot medium hair in a down style if it is short.

If this is the case, keep the face clear and clean by pulling the hair over the ears. It is also recommended to use a styling product to keep the entire hair in place, even in a down style.

In this issue, we introduced the medium-hair hairstyle recommended for taking job-hunting certificate photos.

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