Recommended hairstyles for job-hunting photos? Short and bob version

The standard job hunting hair style for women is a single knot or half-up. If you have short hair, such as a short cut, it may not be long enough to tie.

In this issue, we will introduce hairstyles for people with short hair and points to keep in mind.

Short hair is not a disadvantage! It looks clean and lively and makes a good impression.

Some people may have the image that "short hair is disadvantageous for job hunting." However, as long as you have a decent sense of cleanliness, which is the basis of job hunting, it does not matter whether your hair length is short or long. Short hair gives a clean and fresh impression because it looks clean around the neck and is more likely to give a good impression rather than a disadvantage.

Showing the ears makes it look more like a job hunt.

Comparing these two photos, the woman on the right has a clearer expression. By simply parting her bangs diagonally and putting her hair over her ears, she looks completely different.

In a photo for certification, a hairstyle with the ears exposed makes it easier to see facial expressions, and the result will be more reflective of a bright face.

For short hair, it is best to use black pins to hold the hair firmly in place, as it is easy for the hair to fall out if it is simply held up to the ears. But be careful where you put the pins. Make sure to hide them behind the ears.

Half updo is also recommended for short bobs.

For those who can't get their hair back neatly over the ears or have a lot of hair, a half updo is also a good option.

The hair around the face can also be tied up and kept together, so the hair is less likely to fall in the face when bowing. This hairstyle can also be used when attending job interviews and information sessions.

If the hair near the fringe does not reach the elastic or if there is a bun, pin it in place.

One way to prevent the pins from being seen is to hide them with the hair on the side that is fastened with the elastic.

However, it is counterproductive if the hairstyle falls apart when you try to hide the pins. If it does not work, it is better to keep the hair in place instead of hiding the pins.

Use an iron for the standard inwardly curled straightening.

If you are taking a job-hunting photo with short or bobbed hair in a down style, pay attention to the ends of your hair. If the ends of your hair are tidy and well managed, it will give you a clean impression.

The standard is inward straightening. It is easy to achieve a beautiful straight look by blocking and straightening the hair little by little as shown in the photo. Inwardly curled hair ends can also be straightened with a straightening iron as is, making it easy to do.

Having a cordless iron that can fix your hair on the go may come in handy.

When curling the ends inward with a curling iron, be careful not to curl them too much. Too much curling can create volume near the face and give a heavy impression. We recommend using a straightening iron, which is less likely to curl too much.

Short and bobbed hair can also be taken for job-hunting photos with no worries.

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Take a convincing photo for your job search with confidence!