Only 4 points! How to improve the quality of your job-hunting photos

Let's aim for a higher grade of finish for your certificate photo! Since these are the photos you send to various companies for job hunting, you should be able to show people with confidence.
Just four points to keep in mind will make your photos convey even more of your best qualities.

Please try to imitate them.

Points to be aware of when taking a certificate photo (1): Navel (Tanden)

Tanden is a pressure point located 4 to 5 cm below the navel, 3 to 4 fingers below the navel.

Whether standing or sitting, putting effort into this tanden helps to keep the center of gravity centered and the posture stable.

It will help you maintain good posture naturally. It will also prevent you from overstretching your chest or slouching.

Points to be aware of when taking a certificate photo (2): Pelvis

What does "pelvic stand" look like? I think.

Imagine that you are being pulled by a string from the ceiling, pull in your chin a little, and straighten your back so that your pelvis is naturally in an erect position.

You can check whether you are sitting with your pelvis in an upright position by checking whether the left and right sitting bones are in contact with the seat surface with the same load. If there is a bias to one side or if the sit bones are not in contact with the seat surface to begin with, then you are not in good posture.

This sitting posture with the pelvis erect can help prevent lower back pain and lower body weight gain, so please be a little conscious of this in your daily life!

Points to be aware of when taking a certificate photo (3): Shoulders

Some people are so tense that their shoulders rise up.

If this is the case, try doing a little stretching while sitting down.

After deliberately raising your shoulders with force, relax them all at once. If you exhale the moment you relax, you can relax more.

Repeat this a few times to relax and avoid exertion.

The shoulders are a difficult point to see for yourself. This stretch will eliminate shoulder tension, but it is difficult to equalize shoulder height from left to right.

In such cases, our staff will be happy to help you if you are shooting in a studio.

Also, if it is a minor adjustment, it can be corrected by retouching, so please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.

Points to be aware of when taking a certificate photo (4): Facial expression

The last is facial expression. The key is to raise the corners of the mouth just enough to not show the teeth. This smile is difficult.

Before going into the shoot, sneak in a facial stretch inside the mask.

The name is "Ui Ui Gymnastics"Simply move your mouth alternately in the shape of "u" and "i"!

This is a simple stretch that provides practice in creating a beautiful smile and also has a small face effect.
It's also practiced by production companies with many famous actresses and announcement schools.

Just doing it right before the shoot will relax the facial muscles and make it easier to smile, and it is also a good idea to practice the tips from the day you make the appointment to the day of the shoot.

In this issue, we have introduced some tips on how to improve the finished product of your certificate photo by one rank.

19 Studio introduces these stretches to clients at the time of shooting and gives them points to be aware of.

We will do our best to support job hunters by providing them with better finished photos that will help them gain confidence!