[Basic Job Hunting] Taking a photo for a certificate, what to wear? (Ladies' version)

What kind of clothing do you wear for your job-hunting photo?
Most of you will be photographed in a suit, but have you decided what the shirt inside the jacket should look like?

In fact, the way you wear your shirt can change the atmosphere. In this article, we will discuss the most common shirt styles used in job hunting photo shoots.

Basic regular shirts are versatile

The most commonly seen shape is this regular shirt. This type has buttons at the neck.
When you wear it, fasten it tightly to the top button and keep the collar inside the suit.

This style is often preferred by those who aim to work in finance or as civil servants, as it brings them closer to a serious and relaxed atmosphere.

It is an orthodox form that is relatively easy to accept in any industry, so it is recommended for those who want to take on a variety of industries.

Since it is worn buttoned up to the neck, pay attention to the size around the neck.
It is best to choose one that is not too tight and not too loose.

Skipper shirts give a lively impression.

The skipper shirt has no buttons at the neck and is characterized by a clean neckline.
When worn, the collar is turned outside the jacket, creating a vertical line around the neck.

It is especially recommended for those who feel suffocated when wearing it with the top button fastened, or for those who feel that clothes with a stuffy neck do not suit them.

Wide collars tend to look sloppy, so it is a good idea to check the balance with the collar width of the suit.
Also, since the collar will stand out on the outside, pay special attention to the balance between the left and right sides, whether it is broken in odd places, and whether it is dirty.

Some industries wear cut-and-sew clothing!

The cut-and-sew type is sometimes worn by those applying to the beauty, apparel, and mass media industries.
It has no collar or buttons and is open around the neck.

These tops can also be used when plain clothes or office casual is specified for interviews or briefings.

If you are not comfortable with cut and sewn shirts because you may be submitting to companies in a variety of industries, you should choose a shirt with a collar.

Since this is your first meeting with a company, you want to submit a photo that you are satisfied with.

At 19 Studio, our staff will check your shirt on the spot for any irregularities or stains that are difficult to notice on the person wearing it. Our staff, who have experience as interviewers at general companies, will assist you in taking your photo for certification!