[Basic Job Hunting] Taking a photo for a certificate, what to wear? (Men's version)

A certificate photo is an important and indispensable part of your job search, isn't it? I don't know what to wear for such an important photo! I'm sure there are some people out there who are not so sure. If you are wondering, please refer to this article!

The suit is versatile!

It is recommended that you wear a suit for your certificate photo.
This is the first step in making your photo a certificate photo that you can submit to any company.

No matter what you wear, the key is cleanliness!
It is not a good idea to show up in clothes that are saggy, wrinkled, or covered in debris.
Before you go for your photo shoot, make sure that the clothes you plan to bring are not saggy or wrinkled.

When taking a certificate photo, leave all the buttons of your suit jacket open so that the jacket does not sag and you will appear in a beautiful silhouette.

For shirts, pay attention to the collar!

Choose the right size shirt to wear inside your suit.
Sleeve length and length are of course important, but pay particular attention to the collar when taking a photo for a certificate, which shows your face!
The area around the face is also the most visible part of the interview, so make sure it is free of dirt and wrinkles.

Did you know that there are different types of collar shapes?
There are various types, such as the orthodox regular collar, the wide collar recommended for large people with a wide collar opening on both sides, and the short point collar recommended for small people with a modest collar opening. short point collar, which is recommended for petite people with a modest collar opening.

One of the most important shirts to keep in mind is the button-down type shirt.
They have a strong casual element and are considered unsuitable for job hunting.
It should also be avoided when having your photo taken.

Your tie can also be your personality!

The tie is another important item in the suit style.

First of all, here are four key points for a clean finish.

- No visible first button
- No crookedness
- Clean knots
- Balance of big and small swords is not strange

Keep these four points in mind to create a good impression of your photo.

Now, there are many ways to tie a tie, but here are three.

Windsor Knot
The knot is close to an equilateral triangle and is quite large.
This is ideal for shirts with wide collars or large collars that open wide.

Semi-Windsor knot
The knot is slightly smaller than the Windsor knot and is suitable for wide collars and thicker ties.

Double knot
Because the volume of the knot is larger than other knots, it works better with slim ties than wide or thick ties.

You may feel better if you tie your tie in the way you prefer.

In this article, we have introduced the recommended attire for a certificate photo shoot.
At the beginning of this article, cleanliness is important! but it is difficult to notice trash or sagging in your suit by yourself during the photo shoot.
At 19 Studio, our staff will pay attention to every detail, so you can go into the shoot with peace of mind!