Where to have your job hunting photo taken? -Three reasons why it is recommended to have your photo taken at a photo studio.

There are more and more ways to take a certificate photo these days.
Smartphone apps, certificate photo machines, photo studios ……
Some of you may be wondering, "I don't know which method I should use!" I'm sure there are some people who are worried about this.

For those people, we highly recommend taking photos at a photo studio.

Here are three reasons why we recommend shooting at a photography studio.

You can have your photo taken with advice.

Sometimes you can't tell by your own eyes if your clothes and hair are disheveled, your face is facing the wrong way, or if your shoulders are on the right or left side, or if your posture is distorted.
If you use an app or a photo machine to take your photo, you may notice it after printing and have to reshoot …….

At a photo studio, our staff will check for any points that are difficult to notice on your own.
The staff will take pictures while making corrections on the spot.

You can also receive advice on how to look at the subject and how to make facial expressions while being photographed.

What kind of impression you want to make will depend on the type of business or industry you want to work in.
Our staff will listen to your requests and may help you to achieve the impression you want.

Since your job-hunting photo is for the interviewer to see, it is a good idea not only to check it yourself but also to have someone else check it for you.

Moreover, 19Studio is staffed by people who have experience as interviewers, so you can get advice from a hiring manager's point of view.

Can be re-photographed many times.

It's hard to take the ideal photo with a limited number of shots.
I only have X number of shots left! and you may end up with an expression that is even harder to capture.

Job hunting is a very important stage, so we do not recommend submitting unsatisfactory photos because it is too much of a hassle to go back and take more.

Let's take pictures until you are satisfied with the results, and get a photo that you can submit with confidence.

You get a beautifully printed photo!

Recently, the printing technology of certificate photo machines has improved.
However, not all certificate photo machines are equipped with the latest features.

I once heard of a job hunter who took a photo at a random neighborhood photo machine, only to find that the finished product was not what he had expected because it was a very old model.
He then went to a photo studio and had his photo taken again.

It is a hassle to take a new photo during the busy job-hunting season.

If you have your photo taken at a photo studio, you will receive a clearly printed photo.
If you are clumsy and not confident in your ability to cut cleanly…, we recommend that you leave it to the photo studio.

Please take a convincing photo for your certificate and be confident in your job search!