What HR Managers Look For! Key Points for Job Hunting Photos

A "certificate photograph" is necessary for job hunting. Have all of you job hunters had your photo taken yet? The entry sheet is the first document you send to the company of your choice. Because it's your ID photo that you'll be putting on that important document, you don't want to make a mistake.

What do interviewers actually look for in a certificate photo? What kind of photo makes a good impression? We have interviewed HR and experienced interviewers about the points you are interested in!

The people who responded to this survey have experience in a variety of industries, including IT, services, entertainment, manufacturers, and apparel. If you are aware of the points introduced in this article, you will be able to submit your ID photo to any industry with confidence.

Key Points for Job Application Photographs (1): Clear Image

The most important thing is that your face is clearly and brightly shown.
A photo for job hunting is also for identification purposes, so it is a prerequisite that the face be recognizable.

It is not only too dark and difficult to see the face, but also too bright and white.

It seems to be better if the lighting is just right and the facial expressions are clearly visible.
Be aware that strongly doctored photos, such as those from Purikura, are also unsuitable for identification.

Key Points for Job Application Photographs(2): Cleanliness

The emphasis is on cleanliness in terms of hair and clothing. Make sure to fix any sleeping habits or other disturbances before shooting.

A clean haircut around the ears and eyes is more likely to lead to a clean impression. In terms of clothing, watch out for wrinkled suits, wrinkled blouses, and crooked ties.

With box photos, we can only check our appearance with a smartphone camera or a small screen before shooting, and these details are often overlooked. It is also difficult to fix in a small box. During studio shoots, our staff will give you advice on how to fix any hair or clothing that you may not be able to notice on your own. We can also fix any stray hair that cannot be fixed by waxing or spraying with a professional retouching to make them look natural.

After all, what does a ID photo have to do with acceptance or rejection?

This is the question that interests me.
The most common answer was "Basically, we do not judge acceptance or rejection based on a certificate photo alone,

One of the factors to consider when making an overall decision on whether the company fits in with the atmosphere and atmosphere of the company

Some said they are checking to see if the applicant is someone who can prepare well for the application process.

・face is clearly visible in the picture.


Aim to make a good impression by taking a photo that meets these basic points.

A photo ID that you can submit with confidence will give you the confidence you need. 19 Studio will help you with your job search by providing you with a photo ID that you can present to companies with confidence! We hope you will be satisfied with the photos you take and look forward to your job search.