Started online application for passport renewal!

Starting March 27, 2023, you will be able to apply for your passport renewal online!
It is very convenient to be able to apply from home or on the go, whereas before you had to go out of your way to do so. It also eliminates waiting time at passport centers and provides a quick and safe way to renew your passport.

If you are planning to travel abroad, have you checked the expiration date of your passport?
If your passport is about to expire, please refer to the online passport application procedure introduced in this issue to renew your passport!

All prefectures only allow online applications for "switching applications"!

There are several types of passport applications, some of which can be applied for online and some of which cannot. Please note that this can and cannot be done varies from prefecture to prefecture.

All prefectures allow online application only for "switching application" to renew a passport already obtained.

Eligible applicants are those who meet one of the following two criteria

(1) The remaining validity of the passport is less than one year

Passports have a validity period and can be renewed if less than one year remains before the expiration date.
You can check the expiration date on the photo page.

(2) Margins in the visa section are less than 3 pages spread.

The visa section is the page on which the visa is affixed or the entry stamp is stamped.
If these margins are less than three pages spread, the passport can be renewed even if it has more than one year remaining on its expiration date.

Online application is available only in some prefectures for the following persons.
For details, please check the website of each prefecture.

Those who are applying for a passport for the first time
Those whose passport has already expired
→New Passport Application

Those who have changed their family name due to marriage, adoption, etc.
Those who have changed the prefecture of their permanent domicile.
Those who add their spouse's surname as another surname due to international marriage, etc.
→Change of name, legal domicile, etc.

Those who have lost, burned, or had their passports stolen
→Report of loss and new application

What do I need to apply online?

There are four things to have on hand when applying online!

(1) Passport within the validity period
(2)My number card of the applicant
 Digital certificate password for user certificate (4 digits)
 Digital certificate PIN for signature on My Number Card (6 to 16 alphanumeric characters, uppercase alphabetical characters) *
(3) Smartphone compatible with the MyNa Portal application
(4) Mynaportal application

*This is an electronic certificate recorded on the My Number Card and used when performing administrative procedures on the Internet, etc. Advance setting is required to use it.

Flow of Online Passport Renewal Application

Here is the process of applying online for passport renewal using a smartphone.
It will be smoother if you register with MyNa Portal in advance from here.

STEP 1 Log in to the MyNaportal application

Select the passport pickup window.

STEP 2 Follow the on-screen guidance and do the following

・Take or upload a photo of your face
 →Uploading your own photo data is also acceptable!
・Take a picture of your signature
・Enter applicant information (name, permanent address, etc.)

STEP 3 Submit application data

My number card or passport is read before data submission,
Once the digital certificate for signature is granted, the data is submitted and the process is complete.

When the examination is completed, you will receive the scheduled date of issuance and an acceptance slip on your MyNa Portal.
You can receive your passport after presenting the acceptance slip at the counter and paying the fee*.

*Basically, payment is made by cash or revenue stamps. Some municipalities allow payment by registering credit card information.

If you do not receive your new passport within 6 months of its issuance, it will expire.
Be sure to receive your new passport as soon as possible.

We recommend that a studio photo be taken of the applicant's face for the online application!

When applying online, there are two types of mug shots that can be used

(1) Camera started within the MyNaPortal application and taken on the spot
(2)Image data stored on the smartphone

(1) = A selfie taken with the normal in-camera of your phone.
Of course, this is an officially approved method, but it is very difficult to make a beautiful finished photo.
It is extremely difficult to find a place indoors where the lighting shines beautifully on the face and to hold the camera by yourself while adjusting your posture.

In addition, when comparing studio photography with smartphone selfies, studio photography is of higher quality and more reliable.

Therefore, we recommend that you have your ID photo taken at a studio for your online application!
Among them, you should choose a studio where you can receive the photo data on your smartphone.

Since the online application is done via smartphone, it is easy to receive and submit the application as it is received!

19Studio delivers data on line!
Same-day delivery is also available, so you can complete a photo shoot and passport switchover application in a single day.

There is only one simple photography plan. It also includes the delivery of printed photos, so even if you still want to switch to a counter application instead of an online one…it's okay.

For a passport photo shoot
↓Please click here to make a reservation! ↓

In this issue, we introduced how to apply for a passport online!