【Don't want to regret it! 】How do you choose a studio to take your job application certificate photos?

Many people take a certificate photo at the start of their job hunting activities. However, we often hear people say, "I don't know where to have my photo taken…".
In this issue, we will introduce how to choose a studio for taking certificate photos for job hunting!

Should I get hair and makeup for job hunting?

You often see plans that include hair and makeup.
This is a plan in which a professional will prepare your hair and makeup for job hunting and take pictures of you.
It is very easy in that you do not have to do your own hair and makeup, and there is the advantage that you will be taught points that can be applied to your hair and makeup for job hunting afterwards.

On the other hand, however, there are some people who cannot reproduce the hairstyle and makeup of the photo shoot by themselves and feel uneasy about the gap between the photo and the interview, or feel that it is difficult to convey their own personal style.
Another drawback is that it costs a little more.

Since there are many expenses during job hunting, we recommend that you carefully consider how you spend your money.

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Recommend a studio where you can get data too! But there is a caveat…!

When choosing a studio, it is a must condition that they have a plan to provide you with data.
It is a hassle to scan printed photos, and if you get the data directly from the studio, you can save and upload it as is!
However, be careful how you receive the data.
Depending on the studio, the data may be delivered on a CD-ROM, USB, or SD card. Make sure that the data can be read by your computer or smartphone.
Recently, some studios offer downloading from a dedicated website or handing over data on LINE. In such cases, it is easy to receive data regardless of the type of computer or smartphone used. So it is recommended!

There are two types of "data delivery": one is to deliver the original data in a large size, and the other is to deliver the data after processing it into a size that can be used for uploading to the web.

就活写真・証明写真の19Studio 新宿店|イチキュースタジオ


As described in this article, there is a possibility that a maximum size of ◯MB will be specified when uploading a photo to the web.

If you receive the original data as it was taken, the data will most likely be larger than the specified size. Therefore, you will have to process the data by yourself.
It is important to choose a photo studio that provides data in a size that is compatible with such uploading from the beginning.

In the end, what kind of studio is best?

We introduce the way to choose a studio that you will not regret.
There is that the following three points are all present.

  • The studio will give you data in a size that you can upload to the web.
  • They give you data in a size that can be uploaded to the web.
  • The data delivery method should be easy.

Whether you want to get a cheap ID photo or a beautiful ID photo, be aware of this point.

In this article, we introduced how to choose a studio for taking certificate photos.